Fantastic celebrations on the Lower Rhine

We are your hosts at Landhotel Voshövel. And as hosts, the concept of hospitality is important to us. For us, hospitality means making you feel at home. You will feel this at all our celebrations at Landhotel Voshövel – from the romantic wedding celebration in the Lindenstube to parties in the rustic Ernst-August Cabin.

This is the Voshövel feeling at our hotel in Schermbeck between the Lower Rhine and the Ruhr area.

Celebrations at the Landhotel

"Yes, we want to get married!" At Landhotel Voshövel we can state from long experience, that it's a wonderful thing to say yes to love and romance. And yes, we have the confidence to do so. We have the confidence to fill old traditions with new life, and we have the courage to break rules and replace them with new ones. We have the confidence to present surprises and to make the uniqueness of your wedding celebrations visible in every detail. We only have a single target: to make your wedding one of the most wonderful days of your life. Professionally, with style and success.

Loving attention to detail: getting married at Landhotel Voshövel

What's the best way to make it work? With love of detail, and making the right decisions. Over the next few weeks and months you will decide on and select many things – including a special place to get married in North Rhine-Westphalia. In the form of the Confideum a wonderful chapel has been created – a romantic location for your registry office wedding.

With our wedding guide at your side

"Yes, we want to get married and we wish to celebrate our love." So let's take a look at what you have on your wish list: perhaps your own individual theme or motto? Decorations in a particular colour? A surprise set meal or buffet? Take your time to think about, discuss and plan everything. Our wedding guide will help you with your preparations – down to the last detail.

Your dreams. Your celebration.

Perhaps you already have a clear idea of the kind of atmosphere, music and seating arrangement you would like to have. In what style would you like to celebrate: romantically in the Lindenstube, ceremoniously in the Festsaal or rustically in the Ernst-August Hut? And after your celebration would you like to stay overnight in a stylish wedding room or will you be starting immediately on your honeymoon trip? Your dreams. Your rules. And it's your celebration.

In good hands

Regardless of what you're looking for, whether it is an out-of-the-ordinary wedding location on the Lower Rhine or a romantic hotel in North-Rhine Westphalia – a wedding celebration at Landhotel Voshövel means celebrating without having to worry about a thing and enjoying every minute – and of course sharing your joy with people who are important to you. And with experience going back over a hundred years we can say from our hearts that you are in good hands!

Weddings at Hotel Voshövel: with the wedding guide and expert advisors at your side

If you have a question about wedding celebrations, give us a call on +49 2856-91400.

A small chapel constructed of natural stone and wood, flooded by daylight and idyllically located in our park-like gardens – this is the Confideum, the location for weddings on the Lower Rhine. Here up to 70 guests can enjoy a personal and stylish setting for weddings, celebrations, exhibitions or award ceremonies. The choice of name is no accident of course: Confideum is based on "confidere", the Latin word for "trust".

A registry office? Yes – and a particularly beautiful one!

This out-of-the-ordinary wedding venue in North Rhine-Westphalia was created in 2008. Since then many people have officially said "I do" at the Voshövel. The Schermbeck registry office holds weddings at the Confideum on six days a week: on Monday to Wednesday until 17.00, on Thursday until 18.00 and then by agreement on Friday and Saturday.

Wood, natural stone, light - the wedding venue on the Lower Rhine

Unadorned elegance and stylish romance come together in this little chapel to form a harmonic whole, with the glass roof sections creating wonderful lighting effects. The large areas of glass at the front can also be opened up almost completely, and flood the room with daylight. This enables large groups, too, to follow the ceremony in front of the chapel – on a screen and using the external loudspeakers.

A work of art for eternity

Something unique, even a piece of eternity, can be found outside of the chapel: a wedding sculpture created by prestigious artist in metals Ulrich Kuhlmann. Two intertwined rings made of corten steel – like a prone figure eight – symbolise togetherness for all eternity. Couples can place an engraved ring of brass on the sculpture, themselves, thus becoming part of an eternal work of art with a token of their love.

Wedding ceremonies with a difference

The Confideum Schermbeck is located on the 'Skulpturenweg', separately from the events rooms and embedded in the large gardens of the Landhotel. Because of its special ambience this small chapel is also the ideal venue for exhibitions, ceremonies and meditations. The chapel is also available for wedding ceremonies in accordance with other faiths. For more information please see and

How do you express uniqueness with a celebration? How do you recognise the personal signature of those who have provided the occasion for the celebration – the bride and groom, the person celebrating their anniversary or birthday, the company or the club?

At Landhotel Voshövel we help you to express everything which is special. As hosts with long experience we know that a celebration brings joy – especially to those who invite their guests. Simply time to enjoy yourself.

You will find some initial ideas in our wedding guide, which is prepared to help you in your planning.

Booking a room – what does that actually involve? The question may sound obvious, because it's just a question of accommodating a number of persons for a specific time. However, there is more involved. Architects, who are experts in the art of construction, don't see rooms in isolation but always in relation to people and time We know this intuitively. We sense that we feel good in a particular space. The ambience and the atmosphere are right, they suit our perceptions and situation. Applied skilfully, this knowledge facilitates making the right choice.

Rooms at the Voshövel: romantic, traditional, stylish, wild, festlve, modern, active, rustic.

Regardless of the occasion of your visit to Landhotel Voshövel, you will notice that we plan and carry out everything with loving attention to detail. From our culinary events such as the barbecues in our beer garden and our cookery courses, right across to our 'Night of Music' or 'Jazz in the kitchen' musical events. Treat yourself to a special experience.


March 2023