Neuigkeiten aus dem Landhotel

Bilder sagen mehr als 1.000 Worte …


Lars Ranek, Architektur-Fotograf aus Dänemark hat unsere Räumlichkeiten in Szene gesetzt. Sein Stil zeichnet sich durch klare Linien, Ästhetik und Detailliebe aus. Wir haben Ihn befragt …

Getting to know each other // We found your pictures on the internet and immediately decided that you were the one. What were your thoughts when you heard that our hotel wanted you to shoot our new Livingroom SPA and the rooms?

I was happy that my photos had been seen out in the world. I know how tough competition is abroad, there are many very good photographers out there so I was very proud to be picked for the task of portraing your hotel. I was positively surprised to visit the hotel and the region where I had never been before. Furthermore it has been an ambition of mine to work on international locations. I was also pleased to be working directly with a client who picked me – I prefer the direct contact with my client so that we can develope the final style together and that was an option with Livingroom SPA.

Getting to know your work // You have a very distinct style of art in your pictures? How would you describe it?

I don‘t see myself as an artist. When I am taking photographs - whether it be bulidings or food, light is the most important thing for me. I rarely use artificial lighting when I shoot so timing during the day and the weather is extremely important to me, no matter what I am taking photos of. I try to shape the objects with my camera and with the right natural light. The outcome can be magical - wrong lighting on the other hand can kill magic.

Getting together again // The bridge from the „Niederrhein“ to Copenhagen is build. Are you coming back to Germany, maybe for vacation?

To me this job has been more than just a job - I got to experience „Livingroom SPA“ and I got to photograph your location which is beautiful with an extraordinary atmosphere. I will definitely come back to visit. Being so close to Denmark I would love to bring my family to visit your great hotel to share the beauty and the international standard of your hotel.

I would also enjoy doing more work with Livingroom SPA - for me it has been a great professional and personal experience to be further acknowledged for my style and skills in Germany.


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